Month: November 2016

JTI Update #02

JTI Update #02

Updates woo! Heres some of the recent stuff that has been added to Journey Through Imperium :

Tilemap stuff

The tilemap has been improved to have corner pieces! This makes the walls connect nicely to each other and look nicer altogether. (Oh and i also added collision after nearly pulling my hair out). Since the world is procedurally generated, the tiles to use have to be selected using some code so they all fit together



The game now has it’s first ability! The player summons meteorites that fall from the sky which damage anything they touch.ezgif-com-video-to-gif-2

More abilities, weapons and other stuff soon!

Journey Through Imperium

Journey Through Imperium

Here’s a very very early preview¬†of Journey Through Imperium. The game is in an extremely early stage of development and only has a few basic features. I will be posting progress updates to show how the game slowly develops.

Below are some of the current features

Procedurally generated worlds

Worlds are randomly generated using a seed so players can use the same seed to get the exact same world generationworld


The finished game will feature a wide variety of unique weapons, each with their own different attacks. There are both melee and ranged weapons to fit the player’s play styleweapons

Destructible props

The actual level itself cannot be destroyed but there will be a ton of destructible objects that you can destroy whenever you feel like it. There will also be secret passageways that can only be accessed by destroying special walls

The game is still very early in development and will hopefully improve a lot more by the time it’s done!

Look forward to more progress updates in the future!

The first ever!

The first ever!

Welcome to this (currently) very empty blog! I will be posting stuff about game development and the progress of games that i am working on!

The next post will showcase that i am currently making – Journey Through Imperium